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    Possible bug in JBpm JPDL4 editor

    Jaber C. Mourad Novice



      I'm using eclipse JPDL editor with JBPM4.3 (jBPM 4 Graphical Editor and Tools v4.0.0.v201003041939-795-8s7353393B5L9L) on eclipse 3.5r2.


      When I'm trying to put some field into a custom task, this tags are removed by the graphical editor !

      For example if I add field :

      <custom expr="#{pdfGeneratorFromctivity}" g="134,180,150,52" name="generate pdf">
                 <field name="pdfTemplate">
                <string value="pdftemplatelocation.pdf"/>
            <transition g="-251,-24" name="to mail resume with attachment" to="mail resume with attachment"/>


      If I move that task with the graphical editor I've got that :

      <custom expr="#{pdfGeneratorFromctivity}" g="138,190,150,52"  name="generate pdf">
             <transition g="-251,-24" name="to mail resume with attachment"  to="mail resume with attachment"/>


      I can reproduce it every time


      Is there any workaround ?