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    BlackTie M4 SNAPSHOTs in repository.jboss.org

    Thomas Jenkinson Master

      Greetings BlackTie fans,


      It is with great pleasure that I can tell you we now have some of our snapshot artifacts available in the public repository: repository.jboss.org


      So, for example, if you browse to:



      You can see our artifacts there!


      This is still a work in progress but we hope to be able to add the whole release for M4. At the moment all you will find is the M4-SNAPSHOT for the fc10x64 platform (our Java modules of course are platform neutral), plus we haven't uploaded the thirdparty dependencies such as ACE or APR yet.


      Hope you like the progress anyway!



      PS The value of this is that soon the instructions for Building Blacktiewill hopefully be significantly abridged for most of the developer supported platforms