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    Domain aspect in xml doesn't work when deployed in ejbjar inside an ear?

    Fred Welland Newbie



      I have simple aspect in an XML file that declares a domain with activation config properties for an MDB.   In my MDB/MessageListener class I then have a annotation like


      @AspectDomain("My MDB Domain")


      When I jar this up and put  the domain in and <aop> style aspect XML file in the META-INF of the EJB jar; the EJB jar deploys fine.    (I have no other DD or XML in META-INF besieds the <aop> xml file.


      However, when I put this EJBJar into an EAR and deploy the ear; I get the "No container configured with name"  exception.



      When I simply add config spec annotations that are specifed in <aop> file to Message Listener class (as annotations) and deploy the ear (w/o aop file in META-INF) it deploys cleanly.



      Is there any way to declare a aspect domain in xml and deploy with EJBjar either as part of the ejbjar in the EAR or as part of the EAR (containing the ejbjar that needs the domain)?