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GC shutdown and wiring

Ales Justin Master

As per this OSGi-dev discussion:

* http://www.mail-archive.com/osgi-dev@mail.osgi.org/msg01406.html

we're missing "GC" notion on available capabilities / deployments.


We should be still able to wire to undeployed "GC" based deployments,

but we're definitely cleaning up too much.


This can be seen in Deployers test - MockClassLoaderDependenciesUnitTestCase::testWildcardWithGC()

where you comment out first B.class loading attempt - assertLoadClass(clA, B.class, clB).

The extra delegates never get created, and we cannot resolve them later in WildcardDelegateLoader.


Perhaps this is actually OK for wildcards, since it means no-one actually tried to load anything with the requested package?

But this would definitely not be OK for non-dynamic wiring, as any later deployment wouldn't be able to wire up to "GC-ed" deployment.


How to "enable" this GC notion into deployments as well?