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    Providing support for HornetQ

    Tom Fennelly Master

      I'm looking at https://jira.jboss.org/browse/JBESB-3332


      With HornetQ on AS4/AS5, all JMS destinations must be defined in the central AS5/AS4 server/hornetq.sar/hornetq-jms.xml.  You can't have a different descriptor per module (ala the services.xml file on AS4 and AS5).  This is not an issue on AS6 and EAP as they have a deployer.  I talked with Clebert about this.


      What we could do is define the destinations for the core ESB services in the central hornetq-jms.xml.  That would be part of the main deploy process.  For the quickstarts, we could use the hornetq core API and programattically add the destinations as part of the quickstart deploy.


      Another option yet again might be to have the main ESB deployer use the hornetq core api to deploy the destinations in any hornetq-jms.xml files it locates in the .esb deployment.