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    Redirecting Portal

    Gavin Lam Newbie



      I have two questions. I am using Portal 2.7.2 and JBoss AS 4.2.3


      1) How do I redirect the default portal to my portal? For example, when I go to http://localhost:8080/portal, I want it to redirect to http://localhost:8080/portal/auth/portal/MyPortal. I do not want to replace the default portal. I just want to redirect the URL. I have tried changing the index.jsp in portal.sar/portal-core.war/layouts/generic but I can only do a javascript redirect, which I really don't want to do and I read that changing the index.jsp to redirect is not the best practice.


      2) How do I redirect the page to my portal homepage after a session timeout and a successful login? For example, a user is on some page with URL http://localhost:8080/portal/auth/portal/MyPortal?something=blah, times out. They click a link and gets the login page, but when they log back in, they are brought back to http://localhost:8080/portal/auth/portal/MyPortal?something=blah which is a page from an expired session. Instead after the log in, I want the page to be http://localhost:8080/portal/auth/portal/MyPortal not http://localhost:8080/portal/auth/portal/MyPortal?something=blah.