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    How to progress on jbosgi-http

    Thomas Diesler Master

      I cleaned up the jbosgi308 code base and commited here http://github.com/jbosgi/jbosgi-http/commits/jbosgi308


      * Remove dependency on Ant. Please explain in a seperate forum thread why this should be needed.
      * Move all implementation class to package 'internal'.
        The package 'org.jboss.osgi.http' gets exported and is accessible to clients. Implemtation details must not go there.
      * Add a dependency on Mockito, which is used by core unit tests.
      * Add unit test coverage to the core implementation module (i.e. bundle).
      * @Ignore the integration test in module itests.
      * Use the jboss osgi code style: http://github.com/jbosgi/jbosgi/blob/master/eclipse/eclipse.code.style.xml


      The integration test can be resurected when we have a propper bundle.
      Focus on core functionality first. OSGi integration comes (much) later.
      You need functional tests for all HttpService functionality.
      Mock the OSGi Bundle - you can assume that the Bundle API works as documented.


      The HttpService implementation needs to interact with some JBossWeb public API. Create one ore more public interfaces for this. In your test cases you can mock these interfaces. Later when running in an OSGi environment, the implementaion of those interfaces will be available as OSGi service. So that your HttpService implementation can interact with that API like any other client that also wants to interact with that JBossWeb API. Please work on comprehesive test coverage for the HttpService implementation. When you're done, ping me and I can help you with turning this into a bundle. Then we resurect the itests that do high level testing the HttpService as it would appear to other client bundles.