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    How to stop page refresh when hit enter button from rich:inputNumberSpinner field?

    Eswara MoorthyNEC Newbie


      I use rich:inputNumberSpinner tag.


      The problem is :


      I set cursor focus to inside of rich:inputNumberSpinner field, then i hit the enter button from my keyboard, that time page will be automatically refresh.

      But i don't need page refresh when i hit the enter button from my keyboard.



                <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8">          
            <h:form id="SpinnerForm">
                 <rich:panel id="SpinnerPanel">                
                   <rich:inputNumberSpinner id="spinnerField" value="" maxValue="23" inputSize="2"/>                                         

      I also used rich:hotKey for inputNumberSpinner field. But Page refreshed.

      <rich:hotKey key="return"
                   return false;"/>

      And i test anotherway using javascript, but page refreshed.

      The specific tag and javascript is :

      <rich:inputNumberSpinner id="spinnerField"  value="" maxValue="23" inputSize="2"
                               oninputkeypress="return stopPageRefresh();"/>
      <script type="text/javascript">
          function stopPageRefresh()
              alert("Stop Page refresh called");    
              return false;

      Here i use one alert message inside of stopPageRefresh().
      But i hit enter button, first page refreshing and then alert message displayed.

      Help me about this. Thanks in advance.