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    DefaultPreserveOrdering in Failover condition

    Yong Hao Gao Master

      Hi guys,

      In JBoss Messaging, messages can be sucked over between nodes in a cluster. If user wants strict ordering, meaning the messages are received in the order they are sent, he can set "DefaultPreserveOrdering" attribute to "true". Once this is set, a message will only be sucked once. If a message is sucked to another node, it stays in that node forever. However in failover condition, this behavior may change.


      For example, a JBM cluster of two nodes, Node A and Node B. A clustered queue Q is deployed in the cluster. A message is sent to Q in node A, then it is sucked over to Q in node B. After that, node B crashes and failover happens. The sucked message will be merged back to Q in nodeA. That effectively breaks the behavior.


      I don't know how to proper handle such a situation. Please give some opinion. Thanks.