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    Access across different EAR on the same JBoss instance with local interfaces.

    Lukasz Szymik Newbie

      Hi Everybody,

      I have question regarding access to session beans with local interface. I have application which is split into two separate EAR archives (let say EAR1 and EAR2). EAR1 is somehow gate to be accessed by remote client (Remote interface from client Java SE application). EAR2 is "service" provider which is accessed from EAR1. I am using JBoss AS 6 M3.


      I was able to develop session bean placed in EAR1 which is accessing bean from EAR2 with use of local interfaces.



      ctx = new InitialContext();
      GreetingsLocal greetings = (GreetingsLocal) ctx.lookup("ServiceTierApp/GreetingsImpl/local");
      return greetings.getGreeting("I am here: " + message);



      Session beans are deployed in separate EAR files and still I am able to use them with local interfaces (so for both are deployed in the same JBoss instance).



      1) Is this standard feature of JBoss? ( I was not able to gain same local interface access across EARs with Glassfish v3)

      2) Do we have control (configuration) of this behavior in JBoss?

      3) Is there any similar way to gain cooperation across EARs in same JBoss instance? From the business point of view we have to split whole application into at least 2 ears apps.


      Thanks in advance for any feedback.

      Best regards