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    Rewrite URL for JBoss Admin Console

    Charles Akalugwu Newbie

      Hi guys,


      I am trying to do the following. I have an app deployed on my localhost. I can access the homepage with the url: http://localhost/web/home . But if you type http://localhost, the JBoss Admin console is shown. I, of course, have taken the necessary steps to protect the jmx and web consoles. So this is not a problem in itself. However, new requirements from my colleagues, demand that this page should not be visible at all. So this is what I want to do.


      Type http://localhost

      get redirected to http://localhost/web/home


      I have been trying with rewrite valves and servlet filters but I guess I am doing something wrong or perhaps there is a very easy way to do what I want? If you have suggestions, kindly leave them in this space. Have a fantastic day people!