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    first <FORM> tag missing inside rich:datatable with contentType: text/html

    choesang tenzin Newbie

      Hi Guys,

      I am scratching my head since few days and any help would ease that pain.

      My situation is the following. I am using

      • jsf 2 (mojarra implementation),
      • richfaces 3.3.3.Final


      Using <f:view contentType="text/html">, I am forcing it to have contentType html due to presence of some javascript code that do not use DOM Core methods. I have a datatable iterating on a form (it can be either h:form or a4j:form). In web kit based browsers (chrome and safari) , the form tag of the first item in the iteration is not present. This problem goes away when I remove the<f:view contentType="text/html", confirming that in an html content type, form inside a datatable is misbehaving.


      You can reproduce the problem with a code snippet of this kind and test it in a webkit browser



      <f:view contentType="text/html">

        <a4j:form ajaxSubmit="true" ajaxSingle="true" id="contentElements">

               <rich:dataTable id="contentAreaDataTable" value="#{Bean.repeatItem}" var="element" rows="5">                                     <rich:column styleClass="contentAreaColumnClass">

                         <a4j:form ajaxSingle="true" ajaxSubmit="true" id="contentAreaForm">









      Thanks for reading the problem!