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    rich:dropDownMenu in rich:extendedDataTable gets cut off at the bottom

    shanika Dias Newbie



      I am  having a rich:dropDownMenu for each row of the rich:extendedDataTable. The menu drops down perfectly for each row and all the actions related to the menu works fine.  My problem is that the menu doesn't show in full for the bottom rows of the table as it reaches the specifid height of the table (as though the menu doesn't have enough space to get rendered in full).  It shows only the menu items that is withing the height specified for the table.  For example the very last row doesn't show the menu at all since the row sits on the margin of the table height.  How can I overcome this?


      <h:form id="toDoForm">
      <a:outputPanel id="toDoListPanel">    

         <rich:extendedDataTable id="toDoTable" value="#{itemsToDo}" var="todo" headerClass="thfmt" style="width:100%;"  height="625px"
            selectionMode="multi" selection="#{ToDo.selection}" rendered="true">
             <rich:column id="column1" width="4%">
                <f:facet id="ActionFacet" name="header"> </f:facet>
                <rich:dropDownMenu direction="bottom-right">
                     <f:facet name="label">
                         <h:graphicImage value="/img/view.png" align="left" alt="View details" style="text-decoration:none">
                            <a:support event="onclick" action="#{WMaintenance.selectItemToDisplay(todo, '/toDoList.xhtml')}" />






             <rich:column id="column2" width="4%">