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      • 15. Re: New JBoss Logging Configuration Problem
        Joshua Davis Expert

        I just ran into the same problem.   It's really easy to reproduce in 6.0.0.Final:

        1. Configure an async-handler (uncomment the example), and set the handler-refs in the sub-handler section to point to FILE and CONSOLE.
        2. Configure the root-logger with a single handler-ref that points to the new ASYNC handler.
        3. Start JBoss AS
        4. Go to the admin-console... wait... wait... wait... wait... notice OOMEs and stuff in any logs that actually make it to the file.


        I agree with Tomaz Cerar, async logging is a must-have for a production server.   I'll try using an application-specific log4j.xml, but I can't find any examples of doing that with an EAR in JBoss AS 6.  

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