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    Oracle AQ with JBoss 5.1

    Melanie Siekmöller Newbie

      I'm trying to interate OracleAQ into JBoss 5.1 and followed the instruction on http://community.jboss.org/wiki/AQSunAdapter

      After doing this, the server starts just fine and I can't see any warn or error Message in the .log but when I start the admin console, the status of the OracleXA ConnectionFactory is DOWN/Unavailable.


      I basically just copyed the attached files in the deploy directory, customize the database settings and put the listed jars in the oracleaq.rar and the lib directory of the server.


      The database I'm using is Oracle XE


      Has anyone successfully integrated OracleAQ in JBoss 5.1? (and can help me with it)