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    Stomp connection to JMS Topics

    Matt Peitz Newbie

      In the latest version of Hornetq (built from source yesterday) I am attempting to connect to a JMS topic. In this case the example topic that comes with the default build of Hornetq. The only changes I have made to the configuration is to add the acceptor section so the server accepts Stomp Connections. When I try to send a message to the ExampleTopic, the message never arrives (I am monitoring the topic with Jconsole). Using the same code only changing the destination to the Example Queue, the message arrives fine. I was pretty sure I tested this scenario about before 2.1 was offically released and had sending to the example topic working, is it possible a fix was made that would of broken using jms topics with STOMP?


      I am currently using the .NET framework to build my stomp frames, so I do not have an example for you to run (but if neccessary I could pull one together).

      Thanks In Advance

      Matt Peitz