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    using BMT in SLSB - performance degradation problem

    Arbi Sookazian Master

      We have a 90000 line CSV file that is being looped thru in a method.  The preexisting MBean component was using BMT and one transaction per row.  Each row is loaded into a table in Oracle db (insert or update depending on whether the entity exists or not in that table).


      We are using JPA with SLSB now.  The SLSB is reading a property from a properties file to get the txBatchSize.  This variable determines how many rows per tx.  e.g., if txBatchSize = 500, then there will be one tx per 500 rows in the CSV file.  The idea was to optimize performance.  Performance actually degrades (to 3 hrs for 500 batchSize from 37 mins for 1 batchSize).  This seems counter-intuitive to me and unexpected.  Shouldn't the performance improve with less tx's?  I thought there was significant overhead in using BMT and 90000 tx's?


      Please advise as to why this is occurring.  We'd like to improve performance.  thx.


      NOTE:  the following behavior was consistent b/n the old and new code/build.  There is an initial "burst" and then slows down.


      Initially processing approx. 700 merchants per 1-2 seconds.


      Around 27000 merchants slows down to approx. 15 merchants per 1-2 seconds.


      Around 56000 merchants slows picks up to approx. 30 merchants per 1-2 seconds.