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    Form Edit Process Modeling help

    Richard Gu Newbie

      We are using JBPM4 as the workflow engine to handle our process applications.


      There is one use case we are not sure how to model using jbpm.


      The use case is of the following:


      User A:    <start> --> <initial form> --> <assign to B>






      User B:                                   <acknowledge form> --> ... --> <end>


      However, we need to model the process such that after filing out <initial form> User A can edit the form at any time, and the notification must be sent again and User B must acknowledge again.  It would not be a problem if that is the only "editable" form.  It will be come very complex if there are more than 2 roles been involved in the process, and each have their corresponding "editable" form to deal with in the same process.  We are considering few options, but none of them are really complete solutions.  We believe this should be a relatively common used case for many business processes, and hoping that somebody else have already dealt with this problem.


      Any help is greatly appreciated.