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    Need help : i cant cluster my nodes when using -b

    first last Newbie

      i have a machines with <ip1> and JBOSS 5.1.0 GA , i decided to cluster it both by using:
      ./run.sh -c node01 -b <ip1> -u -Djboss.messaging.ServerPeerID=1 -Djboss.service.binding.set=ports-01 -g JbossPartitionName
      ./run.sh -c node02 -b <ip1> -u -Djboss.messaging.ServerPeerID=2 -Djboss.service.binding.set=ports-02 -g JbossPartitionName


      both of the nodes get to run well but in isolation which it doesn't form a cluster when i using -b .
      It able form a cluster if i remove the -b or set the -b to



      Is it any firewall or valve i need to enable? i tested with McastReceiverTest, but only bind to interface works.
      If i cant -b it to <ip1>, how to use mod_jk from my 2nd seperate machine <ip2> to set the worker.xxx.host without the ip?


      Thanks a lot for your help.