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    IE 6: a4j:support rerendering problem.

    Nagesh R Newbie

      Hi All,

           Please help me, i have problem with ajax rerendering in IE 6.


           I am using a4j:support in t:selectOneRadio and rerendering a div which contains input text components and one button. Please find below my a4j:support tag.


      <a4j:support ajaxSingle="true" event="onclick" immediate="true" actionListener="#{myAction.optionChanged}" reRender="resetDiv" > </a4j:support>


      after rerendering "resetDiv" styles of the components in restDiv are not displayed properly and button is not working in first click.


      Note:- Above case is working in ie7 and Fire fox, problem is only with ie 6. Our rich faces version is 3.0.0.GA.


      Thanks In Advance.