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    How to Get Parent Process Id/Key in Subprocess

    apurv agnihotri Newbie

      Hi All,


      I have a usecase where in I need to know the Parent Process id/key inside a SubProcess's Custom task.As I need to identify which parent Processinstance has called the current Subprocess.


      Inside the SubProcess's Custom Task I have tried following ways to get the parent Process ID but all of them failed to do so :-




      class SubProcessCustomTask implements ExternalActivityBehaviour{




      private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;





      public void signal(ActivityExecution arg0, String arg1, Map<String, ?> arg2)


      throws Exception {



      // TODO Auto-generated method stub







      public void execute(ActivityExecution arg0) throws Exception {


      System.out.println("arg0.getParent().getId()##"+arg0.getParent().getId());  // Throws Null pointer Exception

      System.out.println("arg0.getProcessDefinitionId()##"+arg0.getProcessDefinitionId()); //Does not return Parent Process id


      out.println("arg0.getId()##"+arg0.getId()); //returns Subprocess ID












      Can someone please throw some light on how to get the Parent Process Id from which the current Subprocess's Custom task has been called.