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    Jboss Service - binding issue - css/images.

    Srividya Ramasubramanian Newbie

          Hello - There seems to be an issue when trying to remotely access the application installed on JBoss 6 M3. The application does not seem to serve the css and images . This occurs when the server is started on the default port.  As a workaround when the application is started on using the command "run.bat -b" the pages seem to render fine along with the static contents - images/css.


      The issue is caused since Apache serves on port 80 and JBoss serves on port 8080, and the static contents are not available until the cache is in place, hence using binding acts as a workaround for now, so that it serves all the content on the address.


      Is there a way to alter the Jboss service so that it runs on binding