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    Conditional rendering of rich:panelMenuGroup & its content

    Jethro Borsje Newbie

      Hi all,


      I have a situation in which I want to conditionally render a rich:panelMenuGroup and its content (which are a bunch of rich:panelMenuItems) using AJAX. When I load my page the "rendered" attribute of the rich:panelMenuGroup is "false" (based on a property in my backing bean). By clicking on an a4j:commandLink I change the value of the backing bean to "true" and "rerender" the rich:panelMenuGroup. This results in the rich:panelMenuGroup being shown, but the containing rich:panelMenuItems are still not shown. When I do a hard refresh (F5) the rich:panelMenuItems appear on the screen.


      My question is this: how can I conditionally render a rich:panelMenuGroup and its containing rich:panelMenuItems using AJAX?


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