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    Richface 3.1.5 w/ JSF 1.1_1 page hanging

    Davie Lin Newbie

      Hi everyone, thanks for reading my post.  I have not have much progress with this issue.  I have a typical search page with some text input field and drop-down menu to help user search the database record.  The result sets are display in <rich:dataTable> and each row has a "Delete" button(h:commandButton) and "Edit" button (a4j:commandButton).  My page hangs sometimes and there isn't a definite way to reproduce this problem.  It can happen when I first render the page by clicking the link from homepage, I have also seen it happen after I close the "Edit" modal Panel or after a search.  I can clearly see that the page is already render and my code is already executed but the status bar at the bottom says "waiting for http://localhost:8080/MyApp/myPage.jsf" and the progress bar just advance very very slowly and when it reach half way it just stopped.  To me, this feels like a thread blocking somewhere after my code has executed and facelet finish the rendering.


      When this situation happens, I notice that none of the a4j buttons work "Edit", "New" ("New" button is for inserting row into database).  These two buttons does essentially the same thing, it calls for a <rich:modalPanel> to either update or Insert the record.  The h buttons still works just fine ("search", "clear", "delete") and as of now, I click these button to untangle the mess.  However, we all know that's not accetable to push this out to production.  I would like to know if anyone has any suggestions or solutions.  This is my first time develope app with JSF and Richface, I am quite happy with what Richface offers.


      I am certain that someone will ask me to post my code, I am no stranger to these type of forum, however, it is my first post in this forum and I would like to know what's the best way to post code in this forum so my code will be formatted in a way that's easy for others to read.


      Thank you again, I look forward to your reply.