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    Replacing REPLACE_WITH_ACTUAL_URL in wsprovide?

    Todd Prickett Newbie


      I have a Maven 2 build that does a wsprovide server gen.  The generated WSDL then gets sent to another group who use Axis to generate their client stubs (this allows doing a client gen whether the web service is running or not).  The problem is that the WSDL generated by wsprovide has a soap address of REPLACE_WITH_ACTUAL_URL.  When the other group tries to run their client gen, it blows up due to an invalid URL.  How can I have wsprovide (or Maven) provide the actual URL (or at least a valid one that would allow the client gen to succeed)?  The client gets the soap address from a property at runtime, so the whole soap address in the WSDL is unimportant.