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    merge/unite similar components in rf4

    nimo stephan Master

      Is there a plan to merge/unite similiar richfaces-components in RichFaces 4?


      For example, it would be a good idea to merge "rich:simpleTogglePanel" and "rich:togglePanel" to a new component simply called "rich:togglePanel" which holds a property "toggleable" and "opened" with possible value true and false.


      Or what about "rich:dataTable", "rich:extendedDataTable", "rich:scrollableDataTable".

      Why not providing only one "rich:dataTable" and enhance its properties instead of having three components which have at most the same properties?


      There a a few other components which could be merged together.


      This would simplify the developement as you are not bothered with different components which have only a few different properties. Don't you think so?