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    How can I integrate HornetQ in latest JBoss ?

    pemex nospam Newbie


      I downloaded JBoss- Supervision is very fine.

      I want to test messaging and EJB3 and JMX and JMS performance.

      I downloaded HornetQ 2.1.Final. I like the fact that there are various examples included.


      So, I setup a JBoss 6 server, and I want to test it with this latest HornetQ.

      The documentation explains how to install HQ inside a JBoss 4 or 5, assuming there's no need to install into a version 6. Fine.

      I tried sample core/perf/build.sh runListener

      HornetQException[errorCode=108 message=Server and client versions incompatible]


      How can I run those examples in a complete JBoss AS ?


      How could I install the examples into a JBoss AS installation, or

      How can I install HornetQ 2.1.Final into JBoss- ?