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    Unexpected behaviour when binding to java:comp and @Startup beans

    Marius Bogoevici Expert

      So, for Weld-int  we bind a BeanManager to java:comp/BeanManager. In order to make it accessible to EJBs, the binding procedure works like this:


      1) Obtain the JavaEEComponent which corresponds to the EJBs DU

      2) From the JavaEEComponent, obtain the Context (which represents java:comp for said component)

      3) Bind the BeanManager

      As a bit of background, one of the interceptors that are applied to CDI-enabled EJBs is injected with a @Resource("java:comp/BeanManager")



      This works fine, as long as the EJB is not a @Startup  bean. For the latter, the lookup that is performed during EJBContainer.startup() seems to miss the JavaEEComponent (debugging ComponentObjectFactory shows that CurrentComponent.get() returns null and thus JavaEEComponent is ignored - so that the BeanManager that is bound to JavaEEComponent's context is not found).


      So, I'm looking forward to some clarifications concerning this - mainly to discuss what's the best way to move forward:


      a) open a JIRA, fix the issue, or

      b) use the SwitchBoard





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