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    rich:calendar popup button x current time

    Edilmar Alves Expert



      I use RichFaces 3.3.3.

      I have a rich:calendar comp to type and display date/time          .

      When the user types the date/time, all works fine.

      However, if he clicks on popup button to display the calendar and selects some day (for example, today, 17/06/2010), rich:calendar show "17/06/2010 12:00:ss". Then, my doubts are:

      1) is there some way to display the current time, like "17/06/2010 14:11:35"?

      2) why does rich:calendar display ss instead of 00 or current seconds?

      The component is like this:



      <rich:calendar id="mydate" value="#{mybean.myDate}"
        zindex="1000" inputSize="15"
        datePattern="dd/MM/yyyy HH:mm:ss" enableManualInput="true" showWeeksBar="false"
        cellWidth="30px" cellHeight="30px"