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    Integrating JBoss WS-Eventing with JBoss ESB

    Matthew Madson Newbie

      I can picture the following scenarios:


      1) An ESB action serving as a WS-Eventing event source.


      E.g. Some external web service would subscribe for event notifications to an endpoint exposed by the ESB server. When this endpoint service receives a message (via some gateway perhaps) it can forward the message to an ESB action whose process method could send a notification containing the ESB message's body to all WS-Eventing subscribers.


      2) An enterprise application serving as an event sink to the ESB.


      E.g. the enterprise app living on the ESB server could subscribe to some other service endpoint (perhaps on a 3rd party server) to receive WS-Eventing notifications and upon receipt of such notifications could then pipe the messages onto an ESB gateway.


      Combining these 2 features the ESB could essentially serve as a messaging hub where multiple enterprise apps could pipe event notification messages from external services onto the ESB and the ESB could notify multiple external services subscribers.


      At least from my limited understanding of these technologies, I have a gut feeling that what I have described is possible, but I'm having trouble getting started on devising an implementation as the documentation for both JBoss WS-Eventing and JBoss ESB's web services seems a bit sparse. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.