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    Bug in seam projects

    Humberto Ferreira da Luz Jr. Novice

      I started to use jboss tools last week, but I'm often facing a really annoying problem.




      First of all, after I create a seam ear project in jboss tools. Everything works fine., but randomly after I deploy the project, the pages doesn't load the richfaces theme as you can see in the image below:http://lh5.ggpht.com/_ook2flD5xC0/TBgvkoKuI_I/AAAAAAAAAGE/oOyck0_TOeM/s800/Captura_de_tela.png




      Using firefox's firebug I could find some errors, the first one is that richfaces is not defined in my rich:toolbar, but the toolbar is the same as the generated by the "seam generate entities" without modifications.


      Another error is related to the theme.xcss (also generated by jboss tools), the error says that the file is terminating suddenly at the line 84, but there are only 83 lines in theme.xcss and the jboss tools validation doesn't point any error inside the editor.



      The only files I modified are the xhtml pages generated by the database reverse engineering.


      Does anybody knows what is causing this error?