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    How can I allow just 4 IPs to connect with JBoss 5.1 GA?

    luiz syncode Newbie

      Good day!


      I have some questions about allowing external connecitons. If somebody knows about or have a good link, please, help me:


      How can I start up the JBoss allowing just 4 IPs?

      Only these machines can get connect with me.

      I know this:

      run.sh -b -c default

      But it allow all ips and I don't need it.


      Other questions:

      I have 4 unexplodeds EARs (different web-applications) deployeds in "/server/default/deploy", so I wanna allow, for each EAR, just one of each IPs.

      If I wanna allow (for one EAR) 2 or more IPs, how can I do it?


      Is it possible? If yes, how can I do it?