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    Classloading documentation + define requirments or capabilities attribute of classloading

    Sanjit kumar Newbie

      Can any body suggest classloading document for jboss 5.1. How jboss class loading works in jboss 5.1.
      If anyone can describe what is the requirments and caapabilities attribute of classloading.


      <classloading xmlns="urn:jboss:classloading:1.0">
              <package name="org.jboss.dependency.spi"/>
              <package name="org.jboss.cache.api"/>
              <package name="org.jboss.kernel.spi"/>


      If any one can provide me document link which describes about requirments and capabilities in classloading. what does it mean how we can use it for defining custom class loading in Jboss