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    RichFaces and Netbeans 6.9

    Dave Jarzabek Newbie

      I'm just starting to evaluate RichFaces and need to know how to set it up properly.

      I have seen a couple of posts on the web, but when I try them, something does not get set up properly - maybe becsuse they are for earlier versions of NetBeans.


      Can anyone direct me to an example on how to set up RichFaces for use with Netbeans 6.9.

      I am using JSF2 and facelets.


      I am also interested in trying to use RichFaces in conjunction with PrimeFaces.



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          Dave Jarzabek Newbie

          There have been 60+ views on this post and I am lead to one of 4 conclusions:

          1)  No one but me wants to use RichFaces with NetBeans 6.9.

          2)  No one has been able to successfully set up RichFaces with NetBeans 6.9.

          3)  No one wants to give advice to someone trying to start up.

          4)  No one really cares.


          I'm not sure which is correct, but I can't think of many more reasons for the lack of response.

          Maybe the post title is ambiguous, or I didn't state the question clearly enough?


          I didn't make this post without a good faith effort to get this working on my own.

          I tried setting up NetBeans 6.8 a while back, using the following posted example that people claim to work.



          My comments are under the user name of BigBwana.

          I did everything the post said to try, but still kept getting server errors.

          Finally, the person who was willing to try and help either gave up or considered me beyond help.


          I am trying to work around those issues, hence this thread.


          Not to mention, I do think there are probably a couple other NetBeans users who might be interested in using RichFaces.

          A general startup tutorial that can be used as an actual guide for setting up RIchFaces in NetBeans (various versions)

          couldn't hurt in creating a larger user base for RichFaces (basic salesmanship 101).



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            Matthias N. Newbie



            ok one Step after another:


            If you want to use JSF 2.0:


            • use glassfish 3  (JSF 2.0 is included)
            • or Tomcat (in this case you need to manually include JSF2.0 libraries)
            • don't inlcude facelets in your project. There are already build-in in JSF 2.0 so there will be errors if you include the old facelets!
            • don't use RichFaces 3. RichFaces 3.is a JSF 1.2 library. You could check RichFaces 4 Alpha 2. but don't expect to much from it.
            • Tip: use PrimeFaces (full JSF 2.0 compatible and very very good)


            If you want to switch back to JSF 1.2 (i don't recommend it)


            • use glassfish 2 (JSF 1.2. is included)
            • or tomcat (in this case you need to manually include JSF2.0 libraries)
            • Use RichFaces 3.3.3
            • do exactly what you did with netbeans 6.8
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              Dave Jarzabek Newbie

              Thanks for the reply.


              I looked at the thread you referred to.

              It doesn't look like a trivial process for getting RichFaces working with JSF2 and NetBeans6.9.

              With PrimeFaces, I just downloaded a library and added a couple lines to the web.xml file.


              I think the main problem I was running into was trying to use RichFaces 3 with JSF2 - I guess those two don't mix.


              I just want to make sure about the libraries you finally loaded.


              You indicated the following:

                  1)  richfaces-commons-api-4.0.0-ALPHA2.jar
                  2)    richfaces-core-api-4.0.0-ALPHA2.jar
                  3)    richfaces-core-impl-4.0.0-ALPHA2.jar
                  4)    richfaces-components-api-4.0.0-ALPHA2.jar
                  5)    richfaces-components-impl-4.0.0-ALPHA2.jar
                  6)    richfaces-components-ui-4.0.0-ALPHA2.jar

                  7)  slf4j-api-1.6.0.jar

                  8)  slf4j-nop-1.6.0.jar


              But also needed to add:


              Is this correct?


              Is there anything you need to add to your web.xml file?


              I'll start downloading and see if I can make things work.


              Thanks again for the feedback.

              I was beginning to wonder if anyone had ever done this.

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                Matthias N. Newbie



                yes these libraries should do the trick


                   1)  richfaces-commons-api-4.0.0-ALPHA2.jar
                    2)     richfaces-core-api-4.0.0-ALPHA2.jar
                    3)     richfaces-core-impl-4.0.0-ALPHA2.jar
                    4)     richfaces-components-api-4.0.0-ALPHA2.jar
                    5)     richfaces-components-impl-4.0.0-ALPHA2.jar
                    6)     richfaces-components-ui-4.0.0-ALPHA2.jar

                    7)   slf4j-api-1.6.0.jar

                    8)  slf4j-nop-1.6.0.jar you could




                - Netbeans doesn't to recognize the primefaces tags so you will see a lot of errors in your code, but if you run the project it will work.

                - The RichFaces css styles are also applied to all other JSF components which may look ugly

                -  a lot of richfaces components are missing (will be developed for later versions)

                -  rich:extendedDatatable does not look and act how it should


                So if you just playing around everything is fine but if you want do develop real JSF 2.0 applications drop RichFaces until it is more stable.


                Btw. what also will work :

                - Use JSF 2.0,

                - manually include Facelets & declare Facelets View Handler

                - use richfaces 3.3.3


                but you can't use primefaces at all in this case and some JSF 2.0 features will not work.

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                  Dave Jarzabek Newbie

                  Wow, quick response - thanks.


                  Right now, I'm just looking at various options.

                  I have a few projects that currently use ICEfaces in JSF1.2 and want to migrate to JSF2 / facelets.


                  I had problems getting ICEfaces working in JSF2, so I started looking at other options.

                  I found PrimeFaces and was impressed with their component set, but found some issues with their modal dialog, calendar, and file upload.

                  I was able to successfully convert a couple of the projects to PrimeFaces, hoping that the issues I had would be resolved.


                  In the mean time, ICEfaces finally came out with a plugin for NetBeans 6.9, but I had problems getting several of the components in my current application working in the facelets/composite component environment.

                  I also found that ICEfaces and PrimeFaces do not play well together.


                  So, now I'm looking at RichFaces.

                  I was under the impression that RichFaces 3.x was compatible with JSF2, but I guess I was wrong on that one.

                  I was kind of looking at possibly using RichFaces and PrimeFaces together, if they can play well.


                  I've downloaded the 8 libraries you noted - I'll let you know if I get things workiing.


                  Thanks again for the feedback.

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                    Matthias N. Newbie

                    Oh RichFaces 3.3.3 is JSF 2.0 "compatible" but only if you use the old facelets (and then you cant use PrimeFaces or any other JSF 2.0 library anymore). There are some other limitations listed here:



                    I never used ICEFaces. I think the normal components are not realy impressive and i didn't want to pay for the composite components. Also it is  still a JSF 1.2 libary. JSF 2.0 Support is still in Alpha Stage.


                    If you have problems with PrimeFaces i recommend a registration in their support forum. Cagatay Civici, the Project leader, is very active and answers nearly all questions in person. Also the development is very fast. In their current development version they included jquery themeroller which means they have now 26 awesome looking skins and it is possible to create own skins with an gui tool.  http://www.primefaces.org:8080/prime-showcase/ui/home.jsf


                    Right now I'm trying to archive everything with Primefaces 2 and wait until RichFaces 4 becomes usable.

                    RichFaces and Primefaces worked always very good together.

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                      Dave Jarzabek Newbie

                      Thanks for the comments.

                      I totally agree with what you have said.

                      I've been slowly finding out the same things about the different packages.


                      I started using ICEfaces several years ago.

                      At the time, it was the only viable ajax based option in my opinion.

                      They had a plugin that worked well with NetBeans visual editor - that was the deciding factor for me.


                      Since then, there are several other options that have come out.

                      I have been "strongly encouraged" to migrate my existing applications to JSF2 and facelets, so I'm trying to find the path of least resistance.

                      So far, PrimeFaces has been the most robust solution, but it does have drawbacks.

                      I have pointed out the issues I had to their support forum.

                      At first, they were very helpful in getting started, but have not been too responsive in providing any resolution or even suggestions for working around the issues I pointed out with modal dialog, and file upload.

                      I figure I burned out my my newbie status welcome,

                      I found a way to use a javascript based calendar that I was using before - I prefer it to the PrimeFaces calendar anyway.


                      RichFaces is the next on my list of component sets to test out.

                      By the way, I got a new project set up and configured for testing.


                      Thanks again for the feedback.

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                        Akaine Harga Novice

                        "No one really cares" - Actually... yeah! xD


                        Actually I've tried to work with RF in NetBeans and it was more like writing an HTML web page in a notepad. It can be done but the IDE is not helping much that's what I'm saying.


                        1. Most work in Eclipse-base IDEs since they offer more JSF/Seam/Facelets integration as well as able to validate RF and other TLDs (with some small exceptions).

                        2. NetBeans community is slowly diminishing, I suppose, because of corporate politics (most dev companies/departments prefer Eclipse) and because of tons Eclipse clones and plugins. In other words lately Eclipse platform has become an unofficial standard, and since NB manages project structure in a very different way where in some cases it's just impossible to convert it to Eclipse many are just too afraid to use it.

                        3. The topic switched to which version of RF/JSF is better, if so:

                             - RF4A is still too fresh and buggy to consider it seriously at the moment for commercial development

                             - Yes, JSF2 is much better comparing to 1.2

                             - The only 'rich' and fully operational ajax framework for it is Primefaces v2, which by itself has some very nice features, but also is buggier than others, has got almost no documentation and has a manual skinning engine

                             - A stable and good modern combination would be RF3.3.3 with Facelets1.1.15 and JSF1.2

                             - Despite numerous cries that Primefaces is incompatible with RF, PF are (almost) perfectly mixable with the combination above, just use v1 which is for JSF1.2 (can be downloaded here)

                        4. I've tried almost every JSF Ajax farmework in the last 3 years and RF IMHO is at the top of the list and definitely worth the try.