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    has jBPM/jPDL all capabilities of BPEL

    Younes Yahyaoui Novice



      i want to know if jBPM/jPDL has the same capabilites of BPEL. For example has jBPM the capabilites to model repeatuntil or scope or pick (which exist in BPEL).


      i have read that it is possible in jBPM to  write my custom node ? how to do this (any example or documentation )



      Thanks in advance



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          HuiSheng Xu Master

          Hi Younes,


          If you want to achieve repeat,  you could use decision to emulate.

          <state name='start state'>
            <transition to='decision  repeat'/>
          <decision  name='decisoin repeat' expr='#{repeat}>
            <transition  name='repeat' to='start state'/>
            <transition  name='continue' to='continue'/>
          <state  name='continue'/>


          And I think you could use sub-process or group to emulate scope.


          There is no activity equals with Pick/Recieve for BPEL.  You could put a state to let process instance turn into wait state, then if there is some message come in, you could invoke executionService.signalExecutionById() to let process instance continue.