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    Jboss Admin Console

    shivani chandna Newbie

      Are the datasource settings changed through admin console applicable at runtime?

      Here is what I observe:


      Change maxConn from 20 to 10 for defaultDS. Click save.

      In summary and metrics the old value is shown.


      Restart the server.


      In summary and metrics I see the value as 10.


      I check the file hsqldb-ds.xml. The file is unchanged with value 20.


      <!-- The maximum connections in a pool/sub-pool -->
      Question is: where was the last configuration stored and retrieved from after the jboss restart - can anyone share more info on this behavior.
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          jboss q Newbie

          After you change and save DefaultDS settings, Admin Console will create a hsqldb-ds.xml-xxxx  style sub-folder in the  data/attachments/ folder of your instance(default or all) and create some files in this folder, the changed DefaultDS settings is saved in these files.


          So if a resource is modified via the Admin Console, the administration of the resource must continue to be done  via the Admin Console. The resource modifications are persistent but will not be reflected in the resources original configuration file. This means that changes between manual edits to configuration files and changes performed via the Console are not interchangeable.

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            shivani chandna Newbie

            Hello jboss q,

            Thanks for your detailed answer. I could find some references of this in the file : Admin Console Guide

            However, did not find any document which stated the place where the new files are stored. Do you have any reference doc for studying such details in jboss administration/setup .