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    How to model this process with jBPM/jPDL

    Younes Yahyaoui Novice



      i have a problem with modeling the following process. I will explain the process and hope that someone can help me:


      there 5 components :


      1. Dataimporter : which imports the data from an extern provider (GPS points data)
      2. Filter : which filters the incoming data
      3. Trajectorizer : which builds a trajectories from the incoming filtered GPS Data
      4. Matcher : matches the trajectories with a digital netz (e.g Navteq)
      5. LinkSpeedGenerator : which calculates the speed on each trajectorie


      So The process is as the following:


      The Dataimporter imports the data periodically (e.g evry 20 min)  form an extern provider as xml file. It parses it, save the data in a database and send the data to Filter. The filter filters the incoming data using some criteria and than send the filtered data to the trajectorizer.


      The trajectorizer filters over again the data using other kriteria and build from the data a set of trajectories in a container. In the meantime it's possible that new data come form the dataimporter and will be routed throug the filter to Trajceorizer. 


      The trajectorizer send the completed trajectories (in the trajectories'container there are always no completed trajectories because new data come periodically form the dataimporter) to matcher to match them with a digital netzt and to LinkSpeedGenerator to calculate the speed over each trajectorie.


      The Matcher send back the matched trajectories to Trajectorizer which add a quality flag to each trajectories and then save them in a databse.



      So the problem is that  the process will never be ended because periodically new data comes form the dataimporter which will be processed by trajectorizer (the trajectories' container  will never be empty).



      cann someone please help me by the modeling this process or gives me tips or idea? I will apreciate any form of help.


      Info:  the 5 components will be modeled and developped as esb services with jbossesb.


      Thank you very much



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          Maciej Swiderski Master

          I would give a try to simple approach - define this process as automatic activities:


          start -> import data -> filter data -> send to trajectorizer -> perform match -> calculate -> end


          Every 20 minutes new process instance is create with new set of data, since all the logic resides on ESB as services I don't see a purpose of having this as never ending once process instance.

          This simple process definition gives you quite good overview of what is going on and services in fact do the job.