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    JBossESB JUDDI interface

    Rick Alves Newbie

      Can someone please point me to an example that deploys a WebService on JBossESB and registers the URL into the JUDDI registry? Also, it would be very useful if they could describe how to hook uddibrowser to the registry (please explain the configuration to the registry within uddibrowser) so that I can verify the data was registered correctly.


      I've ran some of the samples that come with the JBossESB quickstarts but I've been unable to confirm the Registry because I can't get uddibrowser to connect to the registry and display the data. I've been able to get uddibrowser to work with the JUDDI deployed to JBossAS but I, of course, don't see any JBossESB registries.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated,


      -Rick Alves

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          Magesh Bojan Master

          This should help you view the jUDDI v2 registry (JBossESB 4.6).




          However in order to get the Webservices to be registered into this same registry, you will have to manually add and consume it using JAXR.


          For newer jUDDI v3 registry (JBossESB 4.8 onwards) there is no out-of-the-box browser at the moment. You will have to use the Apache jUDDI v3 admin console to connect to the JBossESB's registry DB to view them.

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            Rick Alves Newbie

            First, thanks so much for responding it is much appreciated.


            I'm still having some issues with getting a view of the JBossESB registry using uddibrowser.


            Maybe if I list my environment it will help:


            Java jdk1.6.0_12

            JBossESB 4.7

            JBossAS 6.0.0.M1


            I noticed that your response mentioned JBossESB 4.6 would 4.7 be an issue?


            Also, I couldn't get uddibrowser to do anything useful until I switch from Java 1.6.0_12 to Jdk1.5.0_14. What version of Java are you using?


            After you installed JBossESB did you copy juddi-service.sar to the "server/default/deploy" directory or are you running from the "server/all/deploy" area?


            Thanks much for taking the time to respond.


            Best Regards

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              Magesh Bojan Master

              Hi Rick,


              > JBossESB 4.7


              That has the jUDDI v3 registry and will not work with uddibrowser.


              > What version of Java are you using?


              JDK 1.6.0_14


              > copy juddi-service.sar


              This is 0.9RC4 release and might be compatible with uddibrowser, however that is not what JBossESB uses for its registry.

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                psomogyvari Newbie

                "You will have to use the Apache jUDDI v3 admin console to connect to the JBossESB's registry DB to view them."

                Could you please provide some details about accessing this juddiv3 admin console? I'm searching for it in my Jboss 6.1 Final + ESB 4.10 kit but found no evidence that this admin console exists.

                My goal with the console is to be able to arbitrary edit my ESB's logical EPRs attributes (like changing the queue which the EPR points to).

                Thanks in advance!




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                  Tom Cunningham Master

                  The admin console doesn't have any edit capabilities.    You might be able to get it working by taking the WAR that juddi-portal produces and using it on jboss-6.1.0.Final, but I haven't tried that recently and I don't know what CXF or portal dependencies/errors you might see.      The juddiv3 admin console is available in the Red Hat SOA Platform though - it is already integrated and comes with support.


                  If you want to edit your EPRs, one thing you can do is use soapUI + the juddiv3.war that is shipped in your JBoss 6.1 Final + ESB 4.10 kit.     


                  You can use the following WSDL to set up all the example requests :


                  And then this URL will provide you with all the endpoints : http://localhost:8080/jbossws/services


                  The other alternative you have is to back juddi with a SQL database and just browse and edit the j3_binding_template table for EPRs.

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                    crizom85 Newbie

                    so let's say i have an ESB service that call an external web service, if a day i need to change the external web service URL, how someone can change it without edit the jboss-esb.xml file and without deploy or stop anything?

                    any simple example which explain that? is should be a basic and easy thing for any ESB product

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                      Tom Cunningham Master

                      You might be able to do this with the properties service and parameterizing the soapaction property - I'm not sure whether or not the SOAPClient would recognize changes coming from the MBean though, or whether it only takes the property's value at runtime.        If not you have other options - extend SOAPClient to check something - whether it be jUDDI, an MBean, etc - for the soapaction.