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    Annoying deploy of .svn folders

    Heri Bender Newbie


      Working with DevStudio 3.0.0.

      My Project is subversion controlled, therefore I ihave this .svn folders in each and every place.

      What to do that these .svn folders do not get deployed into the JBOSS deploy folder (ear,war, etc.)?

      BTW: I do not need/want a SVN integration in eclipse, because I prefer to work with SVN directly.

      Thanks Heri

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          Ilya Shaikovsky Master

          if not using svn plugin - I gues you should use

          Project - Properties - Java Build Path - Source

          add **/.svn/* exclusions.

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            Heri Bender Newbie

            Thanks for answering.

            I tried it, but unfortunally it does not work.

            The xxx-ear project does not even have a build path where this can be added. Adding it to the exclusion of the xxx project and the xxx-ejb project has no effect.

            BTW: the target dir of the xxx-ejb project does not contain the .svn folders, neither does the deployed xxx-ejb.jar. But the deployed ear and war (both exploded) contain the .svn folders.


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              Max Rydahl Andersen Master

              WTP unfortunately does not have a generic way of excluding resources  like this.


              The svn plugins would automatically register .svn folders as "Team Data" and thus not be picked up by anything (at least that's the theory)


              I'm starting to think we should add a plugin that allows users to specify which resources should be automatically marked as "derived" and/or "Team Data" so you don't have to install specific team plugins for this.


              But that said, the best option today is to install your matching Team plugin provider (in this case .svn) even though you don't actively use it for anything but to make eclipse ignore the .svn folders.

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                Davide D'Alto Newbie


                right now we are facing the same problem with our maven project. The integration with eclipse works like a charm but we were surprise to see that during the publishing the .svn are not ignore if they are in the web resource folder (if you don't have the a SVN plugin).


                Maven on the other hand excludes them by default, isn't it possible to include this behaviour in the m2eclipse plugin?

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                  Max Rydahl Andersen Master

                  This is no different than when classes are compiled by JDT  - it will also include .svn/.git if you havent installed eclipse plugin to handle this.


                  Not sure if m2e can do this "properly" since the requirement is to mark the files as team provider resources to be ignored - and that would be "lying".


                  feel free to open a bug report and link to it thuogh.

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                    Davide D'Alto Newbie



                    We tried to add the exclusion of the .svn folders in the pom but it did't work.


                    Actually, I'm not sure on which issue tracker I should open the bug report.