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    message priority and individual ack

    Jeff Mesnil Master

      while working on https://jira.jboss.org/browse/HORNETQ-382, I realized that the BridgeWithPagingTest was bogus:

      the client's ackBatchSize was too big: the messages were not acked and so depaging was not ocurring.

      Once I lower the ackBatchSize, the test passes without any problem.


      However, while I was debugging this I was surprised by the code in ClientConsumerImpl#handleMessage():


            if (message.getPriority() != 4)
               // We have messages of different priorities so we need to ack them individually since the order
               // of them in the ServerConsumerImpl delivery list might not be the same as the order they are
               // consumed in, which means that acking all up to won't work
               ackIndividually = true;


      Once the consumer receives a *single message with a non-default priority*, it will stop to conform to ackBatchSize to ack messages by batch and starts to ack each message individually!

      This sounds buggy to me: the user tweaks its ackBatchSize for its settings. Then the consumer will receive a low priority message and starts to ack individually all messages. I don't think this is a correct and expected behavior.