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    in jBPM 4.3, can a state node's handler choose its outgoing transition?

    Tun Mang Novice

      Hi there,


      For a particular process definition, we would like to add a state node which associates with an "end" event handler as shown below:  



          <state name="JobTranscode" >    
            <on event="end">
              <event-listener class="com....components.TranscodeHandler" />         
            <transition name="Failed" to="UserTask"/>
            <transition name="Success" to="end1"/>
      There will be a stand-alone application calling the "signal process" for this state node so that the TranscodeHandler class (implements EventListener) will receive the "end event". And the TranscodeHandler class will override the "notify" function to implement the logic to decide a final outgoing transition for this state node.
      Is this doable in jBPM 4.3 ? If yes, how does the stand-alone application call the "signal process" ? And how does the (override) "notify" function set the final outgoing transition ?
      Or this is doable in jBPM, but the approach is different from what we thought ?
      Any advice is very appreciated.