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    Read a .xhtml file through custom view handler

    Srikanth Chakravarthy Newbie



      I have an application that uses Richfaces (3.3.1) and JSF(1.2) core components that are rendered dynamically. For this purpose I have extended my viewHandler impl from com.sun.facelets.FaceletViewHandler.


      Now, I have certain xhtml files that are already written and I do not want to re-write them by trying to render them dynamically. Is there any way of loading these .xhtml files through my custom implementation? Right now my custom implementation will return a UIViewRoot back to faces from the createView(FacesContext ) method.


      I do not know if there is any way that the components from the xhtml file can be added to the same view root under the same component tree. One of the reasons for trying such implementation is to include the views into my application.


      Wondering if i could use UIInsert, UIInclude bycreating objects of these and setSrc to it.


      Is this possible? If so, please suggest a means of achieving this.


      Any help is appreciated.