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    Failoverhandling with ClusteredConnections

    Kevin Lohmann Newbie

      According to Peter Johnson I'll give this a try here:




      Hi *,


      we are using JBossAS 5.1.0 and therefore the JBoss client uses JBM 1.4.3.GA.


      JBoss is configured as a cluster, the cluster contains just one node.


      The client creates a ClusteredConnection (default-configuration; SupportsFailover: true; SupportsLoadBalancing: true) and registers a ExceptionListener on this connection, where he tries to reconnect to the cluster.


      When I set the cluster-node on heavy, very heavy, load, the jboss-client-code prints something like this


      JBoss Messaging server failure detected - waiting for failover to complete... (org.jboss.jms.client.FailoverCommandCenter)


      and some time later


      JBoss Messaging failover complete (org.jboss.jms.client.FailoverCommandCenter)


      . So I guess, communication between JBoss and client was too slow and jboss-client-code performed a failover (1).




      I have a jms-topic and one listener on this topic within the client. The topic is configured to cluster. Before the failover everything works fine. After the failover, the jms-console shows me 2 consumer for the topic and I see messages stuck in the topic. The topic-listener never gets triggered again.


      So my questions

      1. Is (1) the right opinion? I know, client and JBoss ping-pong messages to each other. These messages have to arrive within a configurable time.
      2. I read, when you use ClusteredConnections, don't use ExceptionListener. But I guess, the ExceptionListener will be triggered, when all nodes of the cluster are down. Right? Is this how to use ClusteredConnections?
      3. Configuring the topic as clustered means, that messages are sent to each cluster-node, doesn't it? The topic-listener is just on client-side - do I have to change the configuration? But then what meaning has this configuration?
      4. Is this all a known issue/wrong configuration and I just didn't find the right answers on the docs/this forum? The I apologise and would be thankfully if someone could point me to this.


      Thx & cheers,