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    RMIClassLoading Service

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      Some background on how I am using JBoss:


      I am new to JBoss and trying JBoss 5.0.1. I have two machines A and B inside the same domain. Both machines haves multiple JBoss deployments running (started using -c option). Each of these deployments run our application. The applications use RMI to talk to one another.


      The RMI connects and bindings are taken care of in the source code of these applications using the Initial Context Factory: 'org.jnp.interfaces.NamingContextFactory' and relevent provider URLs / ports.


      My question was:

      1) The Http WebService (Remote class laoding service) that uses port 8083 by default: Going by this wiki article: http://community.jboss.org/wiki/RMIClassLoadingService

      I understood that this service is used only via HTTP, and since I am using the Context Factory in my code for my RMI needs, I can remove it. I've already tried this and it seems to work. But I wanted to confrim if there is some benefit of keeping this service for anything (consoles?).


      Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.