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    Newbie Jboss EJB questions

    baa baa Newbie

      1. Is there a way to use the debugger to debug EJB beans or webservices inside Eclipse-Jboss? Not the client code. I want to know about the server code(using the log files is an option, but I want to know about the debugger).


      2.  Is there a way to get the Eclipse Webservices explorer to work for SSL webservices?
      I am able to test my webservice with a client  which takes VM commandline arguments for keystore. But I am not able to test the webservice with the eclipse webservices explorer. I get "IWAB0135E An unexpected error has occurred. javax.net.ssl.SSLHandshakeException"
      Is there a way to configure Eclipse so that there is no such error?



      3. Building and deploying an EJB component as a Web service

      I have a choice of implementing some functionality as plain old Java classes or as EJB beans. So suppose we implement and deploy such webservices (from Beans) on Jboss.

      The question I have is:
      When such webservice methods are called, will there be any advantage in implementing  the classes as Beans instead of Plain Java classes?

      Specifically If the webservice is based of plain old java classes will the "webserver" execute all the code in the Plain Java classes also?

      If the webservice is based of beans, is the code in the beans executed by the "JBOSS app server" instead of "webserver", thereby improving scalabilty and performance?

      What is the deciding factor?
      Why would I want to convert an EJB to Webservice? Why isnt every java class an EJB automatically?

      Please comment on how I should make this decision(whether to base my webservice on a java class or EJB java class).

      4. Does Eclipse require JBoss server to be running inside Eclipse for autogeneration of  webservice code from wsdl and server-config.wsdd?  Or is there a way to configure Eclipse so that it can connect to the external Jboss running on the same machine and still generate webservice code completely from eclipse. If server is not running inside eclipse, the webservice code generation fails to generate server-config.wsdd.


      Thanks for the responses