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    JMX Remote with JConsole and JBoss 5

    Philip Hunt Newbie



      I'm trying to get JMX Remote Management info with JConsole and jboss-5.1.0.GA


      I can view MBean information within JConsole, but not any other information such as Classes, Memory, VM Info etc.


      I read that you need to add the following argument to the JVM in order to get that information:



      However, this causes an error on startup of JBoss:

      java.lang.Exception: Error calling callback JMXRegistrationAdvice for target context Deployers


      After searching google, I found the following page which suggests some JVM arguments to resolve this problem:



      However, applying those arguments results in another error:

      javax.management.JMRuntimeException: Failed to load MBeanServerBuilder class org.jboss.system.server.jmx.MBeanServerBuilderImpl


      I understand that this error relates to a missing class ... but, can anyone please tell me if/how this should work in jboss5?  Should I expect it to work?



      Many thanks,