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    Command Line Interface to control queues and topics?


      I know, everyone uses JMX or a gui of some sort... but it appears (and I wouldn't be asking if it hadn't loomed awful large awful sudden) that some of our customers are not real pleased to present a gui of any sort from their servers.. 


      Is there such a thing?    Will there ever be?





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          I really think a command line client written specifically for HornetQ will be awesome. But since there isn't one right now, I think we can explore some of the command line JMX clients. There is a discussion about some of them on Stack Overflow at the following link:




          I haven't tried any of them myself yet. But this seems to be an interesting approach that might just do the job for now. If they are really good, then may be we don't need to write a dedicated command line client at all as long as proper JMX interfaces are exposed for administrators to do all possible tasks.

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            Also, you could connect using the stomp protocol via telnet, altho I am not sure how complex the commands would be to send management mesages. You could always write your own stomp scripts.

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              Within JBoss AS there's a tool called Twiddle https://community.jboss.org/wiki/Twiddle which can be used for JMX operations. I know HornetQ can be used standalone or outside JBoss AS, so twiddle may not always be the solution.

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                I have written some tooling around providing command line tools to replicate some of the command line functionality that is found with openmq.


                This includes commands to "list" "metrics" and "purge".


                Essentially they are based on the sample code that accesses functionality from the jmx console, but with a shell script wrapper.  The most important thing is that you can tunnel through to the jmx console on a remote host (which may have issues with port assignment and firewalls), I believe i have catered for it, at least for our environment.


                I will look to seperate out from my codebase and work out the best way to comit it back to the project.


                I also have some tooling around running hornetq-live and hornetq-backup.  This essentially provides a control script and cordinates commands on a live and backup server.  Its written to run so that it will commicate with  remotely with different hosts (-live and -backup) and performs such tasks as rysnching over ssh.  Its not yet complete.  If there is demand I will also look at an appropriate way to sumbit it to the project.  It is pretty much unix (ubuntu/bash) specific.