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    Queues seem to be paused when part of a Topic (Core API)

    Joost van de Wijgerd Newbie



      I have implemented a topic with the Core api. I created an address and four queues on top of that, the queues are all durable. I am starting up 4 clients that all consume one queue and send to the underlying address. They send a message every two seconds with an expiry of 2 seconds in the future.


      The first client I start works fine, I receive my own message via the topic. Now when I start up the next client I see it's messages coming in to the first client but the consumer doesn't seem to work. If I then go to the JMX console and tell the queue to "resume" I will start to receive messages as normal.


      All these clients are running on the same machine (different processes) and the HornetQ is running standalone (non-distributed).


      Any ideas of what could be wrong?