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    Glassfish v3 can't locate the taglibs for 4A2

    Brendan Healey Master

      Hi, I was just trying to run a simple project with RichFaces 4A2, NetBeans 6.8 and GlassFish 3.01. The

      following post (link below) describes problems with the IDE not finding the namespace, but I can't run the

      application at all because the taglibs aren't found. So a bit of a showstopper for me, there's some sort of

      edit alluded to but I've no idea what file to change to get it working any clear instructions would be





      From the Facelets error page shown in the browser:


      /index.xhtml @14,73 <rich:panel> Tag Library supports namespace: http://richfaces.org/rich, but no tag was defined for name: panel