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    EsbActionHandler and transitions with conditions

    Leon Doud Newbie

      Before I open an issue and spend time creating a simple example I wanted to verify I'm not improperly using the EsbActionHandler (ESB Service node) in my jPDL. I've spent the last couple days reading the documentation and trying to work through this problem. Since the EsbActionHandler class is part of JBoss ESB source base I believe this question belongs in the discussion group. If I'm wrong please let me know and I'll repost in the jBPM discussion area.


      According to the documentation jPDL decisions can be handled by either using a Decision node or putting conditionals on transitions. In this scenario there is an EsbActionHandler (ESB Service node) that returns a value that is saved as a process variable. It appears that default transition is always taken out of the EsbActionHandler (ESB Service node) not matter what the value of the process variable is.


      To test my condition expression I wrote a handler that also evaluates the expressions and attached the handler to the transition. The expression evaluates to the  expected value in this case. I also added a Decision node after the ESB Service node with the same transitions with conditions. The expressions evaluated as expected when using the Decision node and the flow transitioned to correct node.


      Are EsbActionHandlers (ESB Service nodes) suppposed to be capable of evaluating the conditions on their transitions and selecting the correct transition to take?